Vesti's clothing

UCF 2010.


Research Existentialism. Develop a pro Existentialist outcome, either a product, brand or promotional material.


The Vesti's clothing project includes all three of these outcome choices. The product is the Vesti's clothing concept itself. The project involved branding this & creating promotional material.

Vesti's process:

top illustration:

Vesti's is a profit for charity brand. Put your unwanted clothes into the 'drop in bags', and drop the bags off at a collection point. In return, the customer receives a number of collection stamps on their collection card. Once enough have been collected, the customer may trade the collection card for an item of vesti's recycled clothing.

bottom illustration:
The tailored service.

The same Vesti's process, however, a garment is created to the customers specification on; size, colour, style etc.

Product tag:

Drop in bag: