February 2011

Untitled is a self-published interdisciplinary zine celebrating photography, writing, art & design at University College Falmouth.

The branding process for Untitled started from its founders, who chose a triangle fractal element to stand alone as the zine's identity. Joe Baker , Jack Bardwell, Giles Pearson and I helped Untitled to create a coherant brand identity.
We took their triangle and converted it from a complicated logo, to a brand device. This triangle device is used throughout the brand to mask out the art & design work submitted to feature in the zine, after all, the zine is a presentation of Falmouth's creative talent, not an internal production. This identity is a culmination of typically trendy editorial design elements, they do the job.

Brand Device

Further more, our collaborative efforts produced the promotional material and ticket design for 'An Evening Untitled'.
This was the zine's first event. The evening unravelled with guest speakers; the wandering bears photography collective, Amanda Ericcson fashion design, graphic designer Robert Evans & illustrator Holly Wales from Open Studio. The evening was top draw, with too much inspiration floating around and lots of zines being bought.

A1 poster series

Talks Ticket

Photos: Joe Baker

Visit Untitled Zine for more info on it's future 'apnins.