2012 Bank of England notes

Self initiated.
March 2011

Conceptual Bank of England notes design

A set of notes created as the result of a self initiated study into the subject of money. The notes consider the darker side of the monetary system by using the subject of British industry as their content. Within our system, in order for there to be credit, there must be debt, therefore the notes' content tells two sides to the story for each industry.

Having the subject of British industry as the note’s content is also a functional element, representing each note value by a proportionate industry sector. For example, the British Oil & Gas industry adds roughly 200 Billion pounds to the British economy and the finance industry adds roughly 80 Billion pounds to the British economy (numerically proportionate to £50 and £20) the £10 and £20 notes follow in this fashion.

The Bank notes

£5: The British pharmaceutical industry. 
The lives saved and lives lost in countries unable to afford medication.

£10: The British aerospace & defence industry. 
The protection provided and the resulting destruction.
£20: The British Finance industry. 
The wealth created and the resulting greed.
£50: The British oil & gas industry. 
The fuel obtained and the pollution it spills.