The art of making:

UCF live brief.

February 2011


The third year Ba Honours Contemporary Crafts students at University College Falmouth are graduating this year. They need a book to showcase thier final projects, to be released on the day of their final exhibition. Most importantly, the book needs to showcase their work, however it could also celebrate their degree, live as a year book and also educate about what it is they do on the course.


The art of making: is a book intended to be a subtle experiential device aswell as a typical book. The best way to explain what the course is about, is by getting people to experience it (get the exhibition visitors to craft the book themselves).
As you enter the 2011 Contemporary crafts exhibition you pick up the book jacket,
the Inside reveals the task in hand;

‘This book jacket is the first step in your own experience in the art of making. Collect all 26 book spreads from each section of the exhibition, and craft them into the book using the pins here.’
(The visitor will already associate the contemporary crafts course with 'the art of making' because it has been explained on the front and back of the book jacket).

The book consists of a double, full bleed spread for each student to showcase their work and a centre spread of their studio (the page which will always show first when opening the completed book).

Check out that tan line