The First Awarded

RSA postage stamp brief
Feb 2011

The purpose of this brief is to celebrate the idea of ‘firsts’ and to create stamps that inspire the nation whilst instilling national pride.

These stamps will provide an ideal spin-off for Smilers, which are used by the public to mark celebrations with personal photos as labels attached alongside postage stamps.


''These stamps will provide an idea spin-off for Smilers."
A smiler is another stamp like piece of paper attached to the first class stamp, including a picture uploaded to the Royal Mail site by the customer. Physically turning this product 90 degrees, turns the stamp into a medal shape, so the Smiler graphically becomes the fabric part of the medal.
This set of 6 first class stamps celebrate the British war heroes so inspiring, they were the first people in the world to be awarded these medals for their service to the military and Britain.