RSA postage stamps 2012: Social Mail


Celebrate and encourage the art of letter writing through the design of a set of stamps that will entice the sender to post a letter.


Facemail is a system involving the participation of Facebook users. The facemail page allows users to choose six of their tagged photos, which can be printed onto a set of customized stamps sent to them by Royal Mail. The facemail stamps remind correspondents of good times and celebrates the connection they share.

This idea was developed through the study of letter writing as a celebration of human connections and from looking into why letter writing has become increasingly unpopular. The main cause being modern technology, which has created new, quicker and easier means of communicating since the days of writing a letter by hand.

These stamps entice customers to engage with writing and sending letters as a special, unique and fun alternative to electronic mail. The friends and family who are on the receiving end of the letters would want to share in this exchange and would be encouraged to choose a set of their own unique stamps by visiting the facemail page. The art of letter writing may be celebrated further as these customers talk about their stamps and letters by posting photos and status updates onto Facebook, encouraging more Facebook users to start writing letters again.